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#BeeFuture, Let’s give bees a future!

#Beefuture is Monk's initiative for the 2017 – 2018winter season.

We know that our planet is witnessing a difficult time due to environmental problems and climate change. In the last few years, you might have read alarming articles regarding the great difficulties that bees are encountering for these same reasons.

As a company with an ethic that uses bees products (honey, propolis and royal jelly), we felt it was our duty todo something real and #Beefuture was born from this thought.

#BeeFuture includes a blog with informative articles regarding the world of bees and the environment, a photographic contest regarding us and our future, as well as meetings with Antonio Barletta from Urbees, an urban beekeeper with a deep knowledge on bees and our ecosystem.


Visit the page dedicated to this initiative to get to know more about it.

News / December 2017

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