Monk's - Il gusto di respirare
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Balsamic as a synonym
of “breathing”

Our candies have always been associated with the balsamic effect and our production is specialized in this kind of candies.

Balsamic means “breathing” for us

People who choose our candies naturally associate this sensation with deep breaths, freshness, nature, soothing nose and throat, all of these being appreciated and positive values.

People who choose our candies - and trust us - do this because of the balsamic efficacy they find in our products, as we always try to obtain an intense, full and refreshing taste: the “taste of breathing”.


It opens the lungs like a walk in a mountain forest does

Original Balsamic

We call it the “Original Balsamic”.

Fruit of ancient natural remedies and balanced wisdom: the recipe of the English monk with menthol and eucalyptol has been passed down without breaking with tradition.

It comes from exquisite craftsmanship and attention to details, for instance the individual wrapping, that allows to better preserve the beneficial properties of the ingredients 

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