Monk's - Il gusto di respirare
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Akellas has always selected high-quality raw ingredients to prepare their candies.The mixture is formed in the classic oval shape of Monk's Classic balsamic candy, in the round shape for sugar-free candies or in the exclusive Mini format.

Caramella Classica

In the sugar-free line, which is growing in popularity, we decided to use healthier sweeteners such as sucralose, isomalt and maltitol instead of aspartame.

  • The “cooking”, i.e. the mixture of raw ingredients that will prepare our candy

  • … here is the printed candy

  • The collection of the raw product

  • The raw candy is prepared to wear its “clothing” with ribbons

  • The candies are ready to be packed

  • The bag is checked to guarantee the quality of the end product

  • The end product is ready for you

    The preparation

    The ingredients are carefully selected and checked before the preparation starts.


    The raw candies are collected and wrapped individually to preserve the flavour. This procedure ensures a right conservation in every situation.

    Then the candies are packed in small or large bags, or in practical sticks.


    From our warehouse the candies are shipped all over the worldand come to you through the several sales channels.



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