Monk's - Il gusto di respirare
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The legend tells that in 1817, in England, a monk named William of Doncaster prepared herbalteas and tisanes to help its brothers treating seasonal diseases.

 menta eucalipto

By mixing menthol and eucalyptol, he developed a candy with a full and intense flavour, which combined balsamic benefits with the pleasure of a long-lasting freshness. This practical, yet efficacious remedy could be used for every occasion, also outside the abbey. Therefore, it was used to treat a growing number of people.

Very soon, people started talking about the incredible candy created by the monk and a growing number of people started to like it.

What is less known, is that the monk, to share his knowledge, came walking up to Italy.
Since then Monk's candy, still prepared today according to the dictates of the legendary brother William, is 100% "Made in Italy"!

Monk's, the monk's candy, was born from that old recipe and is still prepared according to the legendary Friar William's instructions.

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