Monk's - Il gusto di respirare

Monk's Mini Mint Liquorice

The authentic aroma of the purest liquorice together with the freshness of mint in a sugar-free candy with a strong and full taste.

Monk’s liquorice and mint candies offer you the benefits of the classic balsamic taste together with the invigorating properties of liquorice. An extra mint taste will give you a fresh long-lasting breath.


Originally from Italy, this plant is a natural energizer with a strong and hard to resist original taste. New studies support the hypothesis that this plant contributes to oral health.

Average nutritional values

for 100 g of products
Energy 1639 Kj - 392 Kcal
Protein 0,67 g
Carbohydrate 95,75 g
Fat 0 g
Salt 0,2 g

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